Prep work

It’s Destroyer’s birthday tomorrow, so tonight I wrote a series of clues for her, and then we wrapped them up with her presents, and the hope is that in the morning she opens the first present from her sister, then goes downstairs and looks under the sofa for her second, then goes upstairs again for the third, then down again for the fourth, which will lead her to a cupboard in the kitchen, and then to a three foot long plush trout on the doorstep, and then back inside again to open her last present. If nothing else, I hope this wears her out.
The day was fair again without being too hot, and we saw the first of the steps be added to the front of our house. So with that and the basement flooring, we are getting ever closer to the end. Hooray!

Also, our dishwasher is very, very unwell. Oh, calamity!

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