For a month or more, Destroyer has been complaining that she never gets to do anything new at ice skating, and she knows everything. She was promoted from level 1 to level 2 in the week she started, while her sister was in level 1 for ages, but then rapidly progressed to level 5. And I can see that it would be dull to spend two months doing the same thing.

But we took this as a chance for her to be proactive and ask her teacher to assess her. As it happened, this was unnecessary because her teacher watched her today and had her moved up to level 3 without prompting. So that was nice.

As a reward, I bought both girls cake pops as a treat from Starbucks. Destroyer’s fell off its little stick onto the ground, and I was gratified that she was stoic about this loss, and her big sister offered her some of her cake pop to cheer her up. The two of them are doing pretty well, I have to say.

Meanwhile, the work on the stairs continues apace. Frogmorton won’t be able to jump around the space as much as he does right now, but we’ll have a lovely staircase by the end of this week. Onwards, upwards!

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