Pumpkins and VR

I carved another pumpkin today, to replace the two that had already rotted on our front porch. This time, we got a much bigger pumpkin and kept it indoors so it wouldn’t get too damp, and after I’d put the girls to bed I went downstairs and hacked at the pumpkin until I’d got the top off, and then spent a relaxing half hour hacking and scraping until I’d cleared out the insides.
Having done all that, I tried out a fitness app on my Oculus. Similar to Beat Saber, the exercise comes from waving your arms and trying to hit various balls that fly toward you. In this case, you’re in a beautiful outdoors environment, rather than trapped in a techno rave extravaganza. The music was classic pop, which I didn’t think was great to exercise to, so after half an hour of it I switched to an intense trap and dubstep workout. And lasted about two minutes before I thought the exertion would be the end of me.

Still, it seems that VR might be viable as a way to get some exercise in during these cold winter months. Although it’s also possible I’ll wreck the house by accidentally punching a light fitting/the television/a window. Try to keep safe in there, people.

Having done one bit of high tech wizardry and one satisfying bit of pumpkin carving, it’s off to bed. I think I’ve achieved something today.

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