The Quick Route Out Of Bangkok

Unusually dirty windows at BKK today
Unusually dirty windows at BKK today

I was in Bangkok for a meeting yesterday, and after staying overnight and inadvertently blocking the toilet in the hotel room, I went back to the airport with my colleagues. We took a taxi rather than the train, so we arrived only an hour before our flight was scheduled to depart. I was surprised that this entitled us to a free priority pass to get through customs quicker, but why complain?

So we went over to the priority lane, where an elderly Swiss woman was having some kind of argument with the people there, and then eventually we got past her and into security, where I got told off for putting my shoes in one colour of plastic tray to go through the x-ray machine when they should have been in another. After that, we lined up at passport control, and the Swiss woman reappeared, but instead of joining the back of a queue she sidled up to the front and stood next to my colleagues who were in the line adjacent to mine.

That got her closer to the front. I was in a slow line because the family in front of me hasn’t bothered to fill out their departure cards, and wait until they got to the counter, which is a pretty poor move. So that slowed me down and when I finally cleared immigration, it was at the same time as the Swiss woman. Who then got taken off by some officials for some other set of document checking. What strange things are going on in the priority line?

Mainly, it’s people walking very slowly and not getting out the way when I was rushing to get to the airport bookshop before my flight left. Bangkok’s airport has a great selection of kids books and toy elephants. (La Serpiente was overjoyed by her new elephant, which she’s christened “Ele-P” – for all I know, some kind of hiphop elephant MC. ) I rushed over and bought books, was delayed by a guy with a Russian passport buying lots of phone cards, then ran to the gate and got on the plane … which was delayed by a quarter of an hour taking off.

And thus back to Singapore.

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