Quiet snow day

It snowed again overnight, and then there were a few flakes falling during the day. As a result, I skulked inside the house for most of the day, reading from the 2019 Best American Science Fiction anthology I had from the library, as well as reading Warhawk, another Games Workshop novel about Space Marines and all that rubbish. Meanwhile, I didn’t get to snack at all today, trying to avoid putting food in my mouth when it wasn’t mealtime, as that would mean having to wash and floss (three times a day is already feeling like a lot…)
The odd feeling continues: it’s only day two, and my mouth feels a bit sore, which I hope lessens over time. I look at the aligners when they’re not in my mouth and it’s crazy how out of shape some of my teeth are: a few molars are about 45° away from being straight, so perhaps the constant discomfort I’m feeling at the moment is necessary. Well, I keep telling myself that.

In the afternoon, I walked half a mile to the supermarket and back to pick up bananas and bread. This was more tiring than expected, so when I got back I lay down for a nap and slept for two hours. Thus, an uneventful day, all told.

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