Rain on the brain

I had to give a training session at 8:30 this morning, so I hustled the girls out of the house at 8, barely after they’d finished their breakfast and brushed their teeth, and led them up the street toward school. The rain, which had paused momentarily, returned when we were less than a hundred yards from home, driving us back rather than push through the rain just to walk back through it again. So that was not much of a commute.
Still, later in the day I managed to leave the house again. La Serpiente and I walked to the corner store, and I bought her a cookie, before going home and stressing at my computer. As usual, I’m taking Friday off, which means a panic to clear work before the end of the week.

La Serpiente’s passport finally arrived today; the old one expired in February, and then we failed to sign the back of the photo when we mailed in her application, and then because the processing was held up by covid nobody even told us this until mid August, but at long last she has a travel document again. Except the border is closed to all but essential travel, so she can’t use it anyway. What a damnable year.

As well as cookies, I bought twelve cans of beer, because, well, I only had two dollars in cash and there was a minimum charge to take a card. And they had pretty cans of beer, white ones with a gold bear on them, and coconut porter with a crow on them. That meant I went to sleep quickly, when I was just meant to be putting La Serpiente to bed. It makes bedtime simpler, the beer does.

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