Random on repeat

I didn’t sleep well last night; La Serpiente came in at some point and my wife went downstairs to sleep on the sofa – and wait, what is this, deja vu? It feels like half my life is trying to sleep when there’s a child in the bed, and the other half is recovering from not getting any sleep.
On the positive side, I managed to adhere to my new resolution of not checking emails until I’ve drunk all my coffee. On the downside, I didn’t spend this time in silent contemplation, I alternated between asking the kids not to be toxic to one another first thing in the morning, and concentrating on a jigsaw puzzle of San Francisco that we’ve been putting together over the last week.

Still, that’s something tangible. I do like a nice big jigsaw, it takes days to do but there’s lots of tangible results as you go through it. I also chugged through a bunch of work, gradually solidifying my understanding of some things and trying to write them down so I’m clear on what I’m thinking.

At lunchtime, I took the girls up to Sip and Ship to see if La Serpiente has learned about the correct amount to tip yet. The girls argued about whether we’d walk or cycle, and then whether they had to ride up a hill or not, and I was driven to distraction. Eventually, to stop Destroyer’s tears, I let her ride on the back of my bike and made La Serpiente cycle herself, and I still gave them a cookie at the top. I need to be stricter, I guess.

Did some more banking, continued to try to figure out the mystery of which contractor we should hire for our renovation, stared out the window, watched eulogies from Lemmy’s funeral from a few years ago. Remember when Motorhead weren’t old?

Also shocked to discover that Ladytron (a) are British, not French and (b) Mira Aroyo, their Bulgarian speaking singer, was a year younger than me and quit her Oxford D.Phil in genetics to play keyboards in Ladytron. Strange the things that make you feel like an underachiever, eh?

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