Recovery day

With the rain as it is at the moment, and feeling rough after the week’s travel, I worked from home today, trying to crush some of the mountain of emails that had accumulated while I’d been out of the office. I had some success, before 6pm came and we went to La Serpiente’s school for movie night.
We saw Tottoro, the English language dub, which was odd, as I’ve never watched it like that before, and half the plot seemed different. I did pass out from exhaustion half way through, waking up numb on the floor of the cafeteria, but nobody seemed to notice, and I got some sleep.

Then I put the kids to bed and went climbing for an hour. Again, there’s things I can do I couldn’t do before. In particular, I can do the first half of an orange route, and tell somebody else how to do all of it. And be mistaken for being Irish because I have a funny accent. So that’s something.

I came home, I should have worked on tax preparation, instead we watched TV and drank cider. Slowly, slowly, we make progress. Tomorrow we hike, if there’s not a flood…

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