Recovery session

Today I got a notification from the towing company to say that the car was en route and that we couldn’t travel in the tow truck, slightly unhelpful information as it was coupled with a link to a map showing a vehicle somewhere in New Jersey. But an hour after that I received a voicemail telling me the car had arrived at the repair shop in Bothell, and they needed me to call them to confirm some things.
I rang up and it turned out that the lady on the phone was the fiancee of our electrician, who’s been AWOL for the last four weeks. Perhaps coincidentally, he called me up an hour or two later to arrange to come round to do more exciting things with wire.

Meanwhile, it sounds like our car will only have to wait a week at the repair shop in order to get an estimate (which is good) but it could be months before it’s repaired (bad) because of the work involved. Or if it is totalled, then finding a replacement won’t be too easy as all the cars in the world have already been sold.

But, slowly we make progress.

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