Rent out of shape

I went to pick up my rental car today, and then they told me it would be $700 for a week rather than the $200 the site had quoted me earlier, because of some computer error. So instead of paying that, I walked back home in the blazing sunshine and looked for a car to buy. Sadly, that will be my Friday morning to pick it up, rather than Thursday, although maybe I just get things tweaked and go pick a car up a day early so I can drive everyone to the airport on time. Or borrow our neighbours’ car.
It’s chastening how insulated I’d been, that I’d not noticed this inflation of car prices. However, with the cost of a monthly car finance payment now less than a week’s rental, it seems like the reasonable choice; our plan is still to buy an electric car when one is available, but even if depreciation kicks in again like before, I think I’ll be better off than schlepping around, unable to travel to places and struggling to get to the shops.

Oh, and it’s hot again. At least the sore arm I had from climbing yesterday has got better all on its own…

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