Resolutions for 2020 – results

I made ten resolutions for 2020, back in a different reality, before covid hit. I started last year incapacitated with an ear infection, and honestly the year didn’t really get that much better before it got worse. On the other hand, I finished my MBA, we bought a car, we refinanced the house, saving more than a thousand dollars a month in interest payments, and nobody got covid, so there’s lots to be thankful for. Before thinking about what 2021 should focus on, let’s review progress on these ten:

So, that’s roughly a 50% success ratio. That’s not so shabby.

I failed to check in on this list every month (some things are a total surprise to me, looking back after 12 months). I do now have a spreadsheet for tracking things like chin-ups, so that’s one thing to add to the 2021 resolutions (coming up in the next post…). And 50% isn’t so bad for me. Was I too lenient this time around?

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