Return to the dungeon

As is fairly normal on a Thursday night, I went down to Mox with my electrician and had a grilled cheese sandwich to eat, and took all my Blood Bowl paraphernalia with me. Tonight, though, there were three of us, so I sat and watched as the other two played a game of Dungeon Bowl, while I watched from the sidelines and offered terrible advice.
It was interesting to watch people play a game when it’s not me stressing over my terrible dice, or terrible decision making. I’ve realised that waiting until 8:30 in the evening to eat dinner and play Blood Bowl (or its complicated derivatives) leaves me shaky and lightheaded, and again, more prone to bad decisions or getting maudlin at the consequences of them.

Dungeon Bowl is meant to be more demented, with big moves and risky play, so it was good to watch two strong players approach it from a risk minimizing approach. I’m not sure that’s the game as intended, but it gave some interesting moments, and up to the penultimate turn either team could have won.

My grilled cheese was only ok though. Could do better …

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