Returning to the north

We’ve had our last night under canvas; I woke up early in the morning, racked with upper back pain from sleeping on the floor in the cold, and treated myself by eating blueberries and reading. (It kind of worked.)

When everyone was up, I dismantled the tent while my wife packed the car up, and all the timr, the Irish musicians kept playing, as if they hadn’t stopped when we went to bed.

We had an … ok lunch at a finer just down the street from the campsite. I’d been attracted to it by the EV charger outside as I’d hoped to get to eat while giving the car a good charge, but it was occupied by somebody else until ten minutes before we left.

Instead, then, we headed to a fast charger in a Walmart carpark. Which was occupied. And then thirty miles later, the next one had a screen burnt out by the sun, that took five panicking minutes for me to persuade it to start charging our car. But that was managed in the end, and meanwhile my wife did the back to school shopping for the girls.

On we drove to Centralia, to a two-star chain hotel in a car park near … a brewpub and nothing else. A bit odd. There doesn’t seem to be a airport or a factory or a business district that the hotel serves, but the lady on the front desk said they were almost full up, so somebody must be staying there.

The kids rejoiced at being in a hotel (after all, this is the flashiest place they’ve stayed this month) and then played/bickered until the younger one grazed her back playing in the wardrobe, and I got annoyed because I’m tired and don’t want my kids playing in furniture. Oh, and I’m exhausted, but a night in a real bed should save that. Only one more day here, then the drive back to Seattle begins…

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