Riding, consequences,etc

I had one beer last night. Unfortunately, it was a seven percent IPA, so I woke up this morning feeling like I had a hole in my head. Unlike my daughter, who still had a hole in her head, but then she got medical attention. I had to drink some coffee and try to work.
As the day progressed my headache dissipated, and I was capable of getting the girls out to our regular coffee shop stop, and pick up more school supplies for Destroyer. This this evening after dinner I gave Destroyer what might be her last lesson in cycling, as she can now proficiently ride round the park and both start and stop unaided. It will be a while before I feel brave enough to take her to the coffee shop on her own bike, but then it didn’t take that long with La Serpiente. I need to think what to do with Destroyer that worked so well with her sister.

In the evening, the girls went to sleep fast. I recorded my MBA presentation yesterday, so I just need to upload that, hope it’s sufficient, and then graduate. And that’s something ticked off for the year. Then I start on all the other stuff I’ve been meaning to get along with.

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