Sandy fishy sandwich day

Today we went to Discovery Park to meet friends-of-a-friend and go for a walk. Travelling there was a little arduous because it was the day of the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon, but we were in an Uber as the race concluded and it was just backed up traffic we had to contend with.

Our two daughters instantly made friends with the new girl they were introduced to, and hiked through the park without much complaint, climbing trees and picking up caterpillars. At some point, Destroyer managed to get sand in her eye but was mostly stoic about it.

Then we went to a pub for lunch, where I had my first salmon since (at least) 1996. It tasted very fishy, and beyond that there’s not much I could say to describe it. Then, kids tired from walking, we took another car to the Pacific Science Center, which has all sorts of animatronic dinosaurs, a butterfly house, enormous chairs, and a place where La Serpiente could draw nebulas and other cosmic objects.

We kept the girls there until 5, after which we were all exhausted and they had got to play with enormous cock roaches. Then back to our apartment, where the kids went to bed rapidly, and I played three games of Blood Bowl, starting off with a dispiriting loss, then a flukey win where I had terrible luck in the first half and then incredible luck in the second half, and then a last game where my opponent was handicapped by a very hard team, and I almost gave him a draw when I’d secured a 2-1 victory. A lesson for next time… Never stop applying pressure.

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