Second sixth birthday

It was Destroyer’s birthday today, and just as with La Serpiente, I hid her presents around the house and wrote clues to help her find them. They included some Lego, a drone, and rollerskates, all of which she’d asked for, and she was super happy with the dress and leggings she got from her grandparents in the UK.
My wife had baked her a chocolate cake with pink peppermint icing, which was a great success. On the downside, just as Destroyer had sulked at La Serpiente’s birthday, now La Serpiente tried to hog the attention on her sister’s special day, hardly letting her get a word in edgeways on calls with relatives, to the point that I had to send her out if the room to give Destroyer a chance.

They both went to summer camp and we had a rare day of quiet; we shopped for camping gear and maps, ate Thai food, and bumbled around the house, then picked the girls up.

In the afternoon I had to take La Serpiente to the doctor for her yearly checkup and to get a few shots for polio and hepatitis. We drove on from there to the rack shop, to try to buy a roof rack for our camping trip (no luck so far) and then came home for a playdate, where the kids gradually became more and more crazed with overstimulation and fatigue, until we had two weeping children to deal with at the end of the day. So that was a hard end to things.

Still, I got to go climbing this evening for the first time in two months, and then came home to finish building permits. A thrilling day in every way, then…

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