Singapore Cyclocross – Volunteering

Singapore Cyclocross
We need help. No, seriously.

If you’re interested in helping make one of the strangest, most interesting cycle race series possible in Singapore, sign up at the bottom of this page updates here.

Why volunteer?

Singapore Cyclocross runs as leanly as possible. But we still need people to help make sure the course is safe, the riders don’t smash themselves into pedestrians, the laps get counted properly, etc etc etc. Without people helping out, we don’t have a race.

But if you put something in, you get something back. If you volunteer, we’ll do something nice for you. Maybe it’s a t-shirt. Maybe it’s a flagon of ale. Maybe it’s a free entry to one of the other races in the series. As all the other moving parts tighten up, so will the details…

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I'm available to help on these days: (don't worry, we won't take your whole week away from you, but it's good to know if all our volunteers would find it easier to do a Saturday than a Sunday...)

What would you like to receive in return for volunteering?
Free t-shirtFree race entryFree beerHappiness is its own reward

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