Slightly out of it

I was woken at one this morning, and at four. The second time, I felt nauseous and had a dreadful headache, and these persisted after I’d put La Serpiente back to bed, and after I woke up, sleeping through my alarm. All day I’ve had a slight temperature and a throbbing headache, and the first time I managed to feel comfortable about the contents of my stomach was 9 this evening.

I’m surprised then, that even with these headwinds, we got stuff done. Or perhaps it was easier for my wife to browbeat me into things with my reduced mental capacity. Either way, we cleared out the hundreds of CDs and DVDs that we’ve been keeping for no purpose whatsoever since we moved to Singapore (and honestly, since we moved into our flat in Tin Hau in Hong Kong back in 2010). The flat doesn’t look substantially tidier because they were all stuffed into various drawers and so concealed from view, but I think also throwing out my ten year old iPod, just as it decided it would not function any more, has made me feel freer, or emptier, or both.

Destroyer was not impressed by this spring cleaning and howled volubly for most of the afternoon and evening. La Serpiente, meanwhile, has denied any knowledge of the martial arts class she supposedly had at school today, and instead contented herself with scrawling on her school bag, and her hand, and her friend’s leg, with a permanent marker. They want to be tigers, apparently.

La Serpiente is also refusing to wear her sleep sack, and instead wants to be under a blanket when she sleeps. This is possibly a good first step to weaning her off the air conditioning, or else just a sign of perversity. What kind of person needs a blanket in the tropics?

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