Destroyer woke up with a stuffy nose today and declined to go to school (possibly because she stayed out playing in the rain yesterday) so she stayed home with me and occasionally came to see me during my neverending phone calls, once interrupting them with a balloon she rapidly deflated.
I had a day of meetings. With the exception of going to see my physio for an hour, it was non-stop from ten until three, after which I felt a bit broken, but still had to chug through various tasks and analysis.

Still, at some point I had a doughnut, and my wife made a huge amount of mac and cheese for dinner, so those were good things. I read the girls another chapter or so of The Hobbit (there’s a whole chapter of exposition in which Gandalf recaps the previous three chapters, for whose benefit I do not rightly understand) and then went to dream of giant killer robots, as one does.

Tomorrow warm weather is predicted, before a return to the cold and the wet. Onwards!

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