Slow sunny day

After a day of rain, the sun came back and I toiled in the garden for a while, mowing the lawn and uprooting weeds. There are so many weeds in the garden that I fear removing them all will leave us with nothing but holes, but on I continue. Today, I filled an entire wheelie bin with grass cuttings and dandelions.
The day rushed past. I took the girls out to ride their bikes for a while, the had to bring them back when Destroyer showed a near-suicidal contempt for road safety. Then we distributed painted rocks through the neighbourhood, and finally I had the time to go for an hour’s run. Running at easy pace is not a big challenge in itself, but my legs are tired once I get home, and having to participate in organised rough housing with the girls (they grab my legs, I hit them with the wiffle bat) was also hard.

Still, they both went to sleep quickly, leaving me an evening of doing very little, preparation for the week ahead of us. And on, and on and on…

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