So much for routine

After writing my plan yesterday to get back to normal, I stayed up too late watching the highlights of the Seahawks-Tigers match (a ridiculous 48-45 win) then went to sleep. In the morning, some of the routine was normal: get the kids up, get then to school. But the rest- take your wife to the ER – was not.
We spent about three and a half hours at the ER before she got any pain medication, prior to which she was staggering around in clear agony, so that wasn’t very nice. Then I went home because there was nothing for me to do but take up space, until I got a call to take her to another ER, downtown, where they had a bed waiting for her.

I drove her down there, they didn’t have a bed, and there was another two hour wait, but eventually she was lying down and medicated again, and I could go back home and prep things for tomorrow. (The kids were handed off to neighbours but will still need feeding tomorrow.)

Then back to the hospital to bring a change of clothes and a phone charger, and home to play with the cat, who had greeted me by peeing in the shower, bless him.

Tomorrow should be better, as long as everything goes well. With any luck I’ll have my wife home and sleeping off her operation by lunchtime, and things will be, if not normal, at least healthy…

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