Some sort of normal

It was hot today, around 27°, and so after the girls had presented my wife with Mother’s Day gifts, I hustled them out of the house as fast as I could and onto the bikes,to get some exercise before it got too sunny.
The first part of our ride was dreadful, with both girls bickering about inconsequentialities, but we stopped at the top of a hill in Greenwood Park and I fed them banana bread,and after that they were nice as pie for a while. We rode along a ridge, we went down a long and winding road, up another hill and down to the zoo, and then a big climb back up.

Both girls sung a song about a whale that Destroyer learned in her Spanish class, and we trundled on down to the doughnut shop, and then over to Ballard Locks to sit in the park and eat them.

On the way, we cut through the street where the farmers’ market used to be on a Sunday, and to my surprise,there was the market. So we stopped and I fed the girls a hot dog for lunch, and then we rode on to the Locks. Which were shut. Yes, the Locks were locked.

We are doughnuts there, then rode the last two miles of a 9 mile ride, with La Serpiente beginning to bellyache about how big the hills were. To be fair, she had cycled a long way, but I needed to wear her out a bit.

The girls played in the garden with a hose all afternoon, and I rode back down to the market and bought apples and a burrata and some jalapeno and strawberry jam, and then had a couple of games of Blood Bowl while the girls watched the Princess Bride.

Oh, and I went to buy pizza and saw this terrifying queue.

Luckily it was for the ice cream shop

So in some ways there are attempts to return to normal. I suppose being outside rather than in an enclosed space is probably safer than shopping in a supermarket. Maybe it’s safer for the workers too. There’s an itch to get back out and start to socialize again, but it’s something we have to hold off on a bit longer. Still lacking testing as we do in the US and UK, I feel we shouldn’t be rushing right now. But how will this turn out?

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