Spirits, gradually lifting

I was feeling pretty damn despondent this morning, although perhaps that was just the enduring stench in the car. After I’d drunk a coffee, eaten some breakfast, been hit in the face with a foam pool noodle by my eldest, and taken the car to get charged, I felt quite a bit better. When I’d finished tidying up another box and removing it from our bedroom (and now once again the path is clear to do chin ups on my chin up bar) I felt much better again.
I’m not exactly sure what that says is the right way to cheer yourself up. Maybe it was also getting a full steam clean of the inside of the car scheduled for Wednesday, so the stench should be gone before we drive for two hundred miles. Or maybe it was having friends over for an impromptu dinner tonight, with five children making a racket while I mixed drinks.

After yesterday’s sunshine, the rain is pelting down again. I’m glad we don’t have a need to be outside; I can listen to the rain outside and be happy and satisfied that I’m inside and dry. Yes, it would be nice to be warm as well, but you can’t have everything …

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