Start the week as you mean to go on

The week came around again, and I woke up in La Serpiente’s bed. (Destroyer had come into our room in the night demanding mummy cuddles, and that necessitated me taking her back to her bed while my wife slept, and then I woke up freezing cold at 3am with Destroyer hogging the blankets, but by then La Serpiente had got up and gone into our room so I could hijack her bed.)

I began the day with Destroyer, the two of us sat on the sofa while the others slept upstairs, and it was quite nice, really.

The rest of the day was a tumult of yelling, children skinning knees, arguing over bathtime, bedtime, toothbrushing, the whole nine yards, and then even after a mass wailing fit at 730, it still took forever to persuade them to sleep.

But I worked out I can fit a four foot wide shed in the back garden (so although it’s not the palace of Blood Bowl I’d hoped to erect, I can at least get the bikes out of the basement permanently) and I won a game of Blood Bowl 3-0 against a much stronger opponent. So that was nice.

This evening, we watched Bob’s Burgers (once again, apparently a documentary about my own family, except I don’t run a burger joint) and my wife passed out asleep at 10. So again, that HBO subscription was money well spent.

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