Staying up late, not doing much

I stayed up way too late last night trying to finish Cyberpunk 2077, and so the day was infected with lassitude. I don’t remember anything of note in the morning, and I suppose the greatest achievement of the day was driving my wife to the store to do the grocery shopping, and then walk the kids over to Top Pot for doughnuts.

After we’d eaten doughnuts, the girls and I had time to kill so I made them walk down the street a bit. After the doughnut shop, things get more and more industrial. The pavement vanishes and there’s just gravel, and then it began to rain and the girls wanted to go back to the car, so we trudged back, having seen the bridge be raised, and then went back to pick up my wife.

Oh, and Destroyer got very very angry with me for messing about with La Serpiente’s cup of milk. I poured it for her, then held it high above my head and said I couldn’t bring it to the table because it didn’t fit through the doorway. La Serpiente had no issues with this at all, but Destroyer was raging to the point I thought her eyes would pop out of her head. What strange girls we have.

I went out later on and bought coffee. The girls stayed at home and watched the remake of Inspector Gadget, one of the strangest things I can think of to get remade. I played her at backgammon today, made no concessions, and still only won by a single throw in the last turn, so I think she’s getting the hang of it. We ended up getting them to bed ludicrously early, which I assume means they’ll be up at six tomorrow demanding attention. Better get back on Cyberpunk…

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