Still around

I slept like I did every night, and woke at 6:45 this morning, to see an email sent at 6:30 to tell me I still had a job. So that came with some relief, although the angst at losing team members was something that accumulated through the day.
I had a few breaks though, stopping out to get my Invisalign readjusted for the third (and hopefully final) phase of realignment, and then I had to take La Serpiente to her vision therapy. Meanwhile my wife went to the dentist about a tooth that needs to be replaced, which will cost a fairly surreal amount. More money, upon more money…

Still, tomorrow is Thursday, the end of the week for me (I’m taking off Veteran’s Day, because the girls are out of school, so if it wasn’t for the 10pm call I have with Singapore tomorrow night, it would feel like a short week…)

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