Still too tired

Night 3 of La Serpiente’s sleep training was successful. She came in about 630 to tell us she’d hugged Destroyer all night, and if only I’d had a decent night’s sleep I’d have been happy, but I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one.
Still, I got through the day. I had a series of bright ideas on the way to work and executed some of them, worked most of my to do list, and worried that I don’t have a grand enough overall strategy for the rest of the year. It is rapidly approaching 2020 and I don’t feel I’ve necessarily justified my existence yet.

Still, while work is an uphill struggle at the moment, La Serpiente is progressing with her reading, her sister jealously trying to emulate her, and whatever struggles I have, I’m generally pretty fortunate.

I could be enclosed inside a walnut shell and count myself a king of infinite space, in fact. If only I could get some more sleep…and if I could shift the gut that has materialised around my midriff. On to the next year…

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