Sunday in Astoria

We drove to the community college in Astoria, which is at the top of an enormous hill, and has a free EV charger, and then all walked down to the Sunday farmers market. Except there was no Sunday farmers market in Astoria, because it only runs from May to October.
Nevermind. We walked around the town, visited the bookshops, put up with Destroyer complaining that we weren’t swimming, went to the Maritime Museum and learned about lifeboats and the enormous waves at the mouth of the Columbia River, had lunch, went to more bookshops, and then my wife took the girls back to the hotel while I walked to the top of the hill and drove the car back to the hotel (after stopping to recover from ascending the equivalent of 30 flights of stairs).

Then, and only then, did we go swimming again, which mostly consisted of the girls staying in the hot tub, and demanding to ride on my back around the pool (which, with an eight year old, feels more and more like an inept attempt to drown me).

For dinner, we went to Safeway’s and bought stuff, because all this eating out is killing our budget, and then back in our room listened to the seals and sealions barking like mad. It’s 10:45 pm and they’re still yelling at the top of their voices, crazy mammals that they are. I stepped out after the kids were asleep to work in the lobby on my computer, designing Blood Bowl trophies, and returned to the room to snoring and loud sealions. It’s a holiday, just not the one you might have expected.

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