Sunday Sunday Sunday

Today the girls got to do their first paid work, cleaning my bike. It’s not actually that dirty, having only been on the roads, but there was a lot of grey black smudges from rainwater from the commute in the winter. I’d ordered a set of cleaning brushes that the girls were inexplicably excited about, and a big bottle of Muc-Off cleaning fluid.

It was threatening rain, and so I sprayed the bike with the cleaner, told the pair of them to wait a minute for the detergent to do its work, and then – had a horrendous migraine hit me. My vision distorted to the point I could hardly see anything, and so I spent the next three hours in a darkened room. Bike is clean, though.

I hope it’s not that I bought incredibly toxic bike cleaner. It has never affected me like that before. I want to blame our coffee instead (my wife used up the old beans and tried out a bag of Starbucks that has been festering in the house for nigh-on a year) but who knows?

In the afternoon, I spent time moving in furniture we’ve had donated, and then going to the supermarket to pick up my wife (making as much use of our friends’ car as we can right now – I need to gas it up tomorrow and return it).

Then, realising the kids had had little to no exercise again, I made them ride to the cliffs again (about two miles). I didn’t take any snacks. I didn’t tell them this until we got to the cliffs and they demanded snacks, because then they would have refused to go, and then we rode home again and my wife beat us all at Sorry!

Kids went to sleep, I played two games of Blood Bowl and lost them both. First was very dull and boring and I just lost and lost and lost, second could have gone in any direction and was much more satisfying. So that was a good way to end the night.

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