Sunday, zonked

I played four more games of Blood Bowl today, which was maybe a bit too much. I was done with my tournament by early afternoon, then took the girls out for ice cream in Greenwood. They covered themselves liberally with ice cream, and then I rode them back home, via a long detour to look out over the cliffs at the mountains in the distance.
The girls didn’t get much exercise today. They were indoors in the morning and apart from a little bit of unicycling, La Serpiente had nothing to do apart from riding on the back of my bike.

So, when it came to bedtime, first they volunteered to put themselves to bed, and then took every book from their shelves and didn’t go to sleep for an hour and a half. Then I went up and they prevailed on me to lie between them on Destroyer’s bed, and after another 30 minutes of nonsense La Serpiente was reading another book and I had to take it away from her, and then more wailing ensued for half an hour.

Then we watched the end of Westworld, and then it was time for bed, well overdue.

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