Sunny daze are here again

Today it was sunny again, but windy, and I tried to persuade the girls to ride with me to the cliffs to look at the mountains. They refused, so instead they rode their bikes around the bloke an uncountable number of times, until I was worn out following them and agreed to go to the local cafe to buy them each a macaron. Such pretentious tastes for ones so young.
The cafe is shut on Mondays so they got no macarons, and we went home, where La Serpiente complained that fruit flavoured gummy sweets are not enough of a treat. I didn’t want to get into a metaphysical argument about the treatiness of different sweets, so I ignored her and went back to my desk.

Later this evening, I read her the first chapter of The Colour Of Magic, which she seemed to be quite taken with. More Pratchett for her tomorrow, then.

The rest of the evening I spent reinstalling Windows on my laptop, in the forlorn hope that it might speed things up a bit. Sadly, it looks like a five year old laptop might just be a bit too old, and I should consider a replacement…

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