Sunny December Hiking

Every day so far in December it’s been gloriously sunny. I woke today (after staying up too late reading Dead Lies Dreaming, the latest Charles Stross novel) to golden light streaming into the bedroom. It only took us about four hours to get out of the house and over to St Edward’s State Park, where we took the girls for a walk.
The hiking trail is pretty short – only about three miles – but it starts and ends at the top of a big hill, so La Serpiente had all the fun of running down a trail with me, and then the equivalent of climbing 40 stories to get back to the top. The girls were good throughout, apart from when Destroyer thought I was going to beat her in a race and snarled at me.

We saw a half eaten catfish in the water, among other exciting things. When we got back to town, I promised the girls doughnuts while my wife was grocery shopping, then marched them to Top Pot. Only to find it had closed twenty minutes before we got there.

Got home, drank a beer, zoned out in front of the Great British Bake Off. Typical weekend now, I suppose.

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