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  • Exercises for New Fathers: 2 – The Curl

    A week ago my wife recorded this short video of me using our daughter to exercise, but I’ve been too busy to post it until now. If you don’t have a year-old child, any 9 kilogram weight will do. Lie on the ground with your knees bent and the weight/child held in your arms between […]

  • Feverish

    I should have known it was too good to be true. La Serpiente was a model child this morning, getting up on time, not mucking about on the bus on the way to school, walking to school and walking most of the way up the stairs to her classroom, and then hardly protesting as she […]

  • Things I learned this weekend (exercise edition)

    ?Not every Daniel Craig Bond film is a triumph. Oh, but why did it have to be such a long, cold disappointment? There’s a marathon in July in Nova Scotia. So if I get myself into gear, I could combine the yearly trip home with running a very long way, wearing unattractive shorts. Everyone is […]

  • No no no

    I don’t know what’s come over La Serpiente Aquatica Negra, but all of a sudden she’s decided to dispense with my services.

  • Where not to sit on an A380 with kids

    Note to self: bulkhead seats aren’t so great when travelling with a two year old. The extra leg room is pointless and because the armrests between seats contain the in flight entertainment screens, they can’t be shifted to allow your child to lie across you. That wasn’t a problem before, but now it feels like […]

  • Spinning, pumping, etc

    I had another spinning class today. I also had about 5 hours sleep (La Serpiente woke up just after midnight and kicked off) so I wasn’t expecting to do very well. It was another hard class – lots of standing up and constantly being exhorted to up the resistance on the bike while pedalling much […]

  • Tears Before Bedtime

    La Serpiente Aquatica Negra was unusually cooperative this morning. When she woke at four she only cried out for water, not milk, and she fell asleep again at about 6 when I went in for her second yelling session. We both woke up at about 7:30, equally dazed. I think this may have been because, […]

  • Not getting to the end of the week fast enough

    Today started with our daughter getting very, very angry with her parents. At breakfast, she saw a jar of puffed brocolli and corn snacks on the kitchen counter. These aren’t the most unhealthy of foods – think of them as Wotsits made by granola-loving hippies. But they’re not what we want her to have for […]

  • Good behaviour

    We had our monthly meeting today, and I was completely surprised, after announcing the Halloween party, to be presented with the prize of Dave, the Behaviour Iguana. At least, I think he’s called Dave. I was too overcome with amazement to be sure of his name.

  • Excuses, excuses

    I didn’t sleep well last night, or enough, and I was overtrained and stressed from last week, and it was extra hot and humid this morning, and that’s about all the excuses I can offer, so as that’s out of the way I can write about the race itself.