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  • Time flies when you’re running

    After four days without running, I went out tonight and ran up a hill. That was less pleasant than expected, because while I’ve not been running, the insect population of Singapore seems to have been reproducing at a fearful rate, and then going suicidal, desperate to fly into the mouth of anybody passing by.  Simultaneously, […]

  • A bit broken

    At some time in the night I tweaked something in my back, and all dat I’ve been in agony, unable to turn my head without shooting pains down my neck and arms. This isn’t good when you have a merciless two year old who constantly demands to be picked up.

  • Pain in the back

    I’ve strained a muscle in my back and every time I move or breathe or think, I get a lancing pain, as though somebody is stabbing me under my shoulder blade. This is not much fun, as moving, breathing and thinking are some of my favorite pastimes.