A bit broken

At some time in the night I tweaked something in my back, and all dat I’ve been in agony, unable to turn my head without shooting pains down my neck and arms. This isn’t good when you have a merciless two year old who constantly demands to be picked up.

So that was the bad news.on the plus side, we took the kids swimming (La Serpiente managed fifteen minutes in the pool) and we also got in a good long walk around Crystal Palace park, after which my eldest fell asleep on the way home in the car. All this exercise is paying dividends; she went to sleep inI less than ten minutes tonight, which was good because I can hardly move without shrieking with pain, which isn’t conducive to getting her settled for bed.

I’ve taken some strong pain killers and had a hot shower, and I’m praying that fixes things by tomorrow. There’s no time to be injured when you have children to manage…

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