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  • A single mattress for a queen

    The problem with buying a bed for $225 for your daughter is that when you realise the mattress from her cot doesn’t fit and you need to buy a new mattress, you feel shocked and disgusted when you find it costs twice as much as the bed. This is all bent out of shape because […]

  • Sisyphean Delights

    It was only after the second time that I had assembled Destroyer’s bed, I realised that it was in the wrong room, and I was going to have to dismantle it, and La Serpienteā€™s bed, and then reassemble them in different rooms. And then perhaps tomorrow I’ll discover another reason why that won’t be the […]

  • Bedding down

    We have a working bed again, after three years of gradual collapse. When we moved from Hong Kong to Singapore, we shipped over our large and very lovely bed. I’d bought it a few years earlier in G.O.D., Hong Kong’s designer furniture emporium, partly because my wife-to-be had pointed out there was storage in it […]

  • New bed

    Today, I built Felicity’s new bed.