A single mattress for a queen

The problem with buying a bed for $225 for your daughter is that when you realise the mattress from her cot doesn’t fit and you need to buy a new mattress, you feel shocked and disgusted when you find it costs twice as much as the bed. This is all bent out of shape because you should be rejoicing at how much you saved over buying a brand new bed, but humans are weird like that.

Anyway, this was the way we spent the morning: an hour having the children as they hurtled around the mattress showroom, and then an equal time trying to persuade them to eat lunch and stay awake until we got home. This morning La Serpiente upset me by destroying the Clangers magazine that I’d bought her in London. There were all sorts of games and activities in it which she hadn’t done, but she took a pair of scissors to it this morning and completely dismantled it.

Of course she was then in peals of tears when we made her pick up all the bits of paper and throw them away, and she had several more fits of rage today, when we wouldn’t let her push her sister out of the way, or when we made her pit her nappy on, or other parental cruelties. I suppose it’s just the joy of a three year old. Still, it’s maddening. I suppose if we had the television we might blame this development on that, or on sugary foods, or on Twitter on her iPhone or something, but the sad fact is these things are both unreasonable and totally explicable: it’s a phrase she’s going through. Although we don’t know if that’s going to end in six months or twenty years.

I’m gutted though, I love the Clangers, and that’s even before you consider we had to throw away a wall chart where she’d get stars for being helpful around the house. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face…

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