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  • Bacon Eh and other misadventures in booze

    This afternoon, abandoning our girls with a babysitter, we went to the inauspicious venue for the Singapore Beerfest, the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. This is a large, soulless building by the water, for cruise ships to dock at, but had somehow become the place for a three day festival of beer. At 2:30pm they were […]

  • Hangover

    We had a friend’s birthday party in a Japanese restaurant last night. It was a seafood restaurant, so the only thing I could eat was French fries, and there was a free flow drinks promotion, where you could drink as much as you wanted for $35 in 90 minutes. Although you were admonished by the […]

  • Tacos by the pool

    This evening we had a Mexican dinner at a friend’s condo. They have a Mexican restaurant in their complex – well, a bit more like a Singaporean idea of a bodega, I guess, serving tamales and jarritos and tacos. They gave my wife a burrito as big asa her head, and I had delicious but […]

  • Palace of delights

    All day I was good for nothing, exhausted and dehydrated. Clearly the best way to get back to normal was to go out drinking in the evening. Well, I promised my wife I would only have two beers, and I was going to watch the Chelsea-Crystal Palace match, when I don’t even like football, so […]

  • A bit lost in Tokyo

    This afternoon, after all my meetings were over for the day, I took a taxi over to the Canadian Embassy. Unlike all American embassies, which are terrifying fortifications, the Canadian Embassy is almost a pleasant, understated building. It’s still fairly enormous and has a guard, but he seems quite polite, and when you go up […]

  • Drinking and running

    Last night I was tired and a little drunk, and worried about getting up early for a long run this morning. Still, I did go to sleep very quickly and woke up after eight solid hours sleep. I dressed and ran down to the fitness area at the base of the Pinnacle, and waited for […]

  • Surprise in Leavenworth

    I got up early on my birthday and went out to buy doughnuts, an epic journey through the freezing streets of Seattle. I left wife and child sound asleep: after the previous night, where hostilities only abated at six in the morning, it was crucial to let them sleep. I peered in at about ten, […]

  • Everyone’s a winner

    "Duran Duran." "The Groover from Vancouver is Bryan Adams." "Cats." "Errol Brown was the lead singer of Hot Chocolate." I arrived at the pub quiz five minutes late, having rushed as fast as I could from Chinatown. The first round was almost over when I sat down at the table, and added seven answers to […]

  • Fremont Brewery

    Today was our last full day in Seattle, and we had to pass a car seat on to friends, so while the rest of my family went to the Theo chocolate factory for a tour, I went to the Fremont Brewery to rendezvous. The Brewery is an industrial grey shed near the Troll Bridge; outside […]

  • And so to bed

    Last night I stayed up too late, drinking beer to obliterate the memory of mediocre potato chips. I successfully washed all the salt from my body, and so woke up screaming at 5 am, as my left calf cramped up on me. A few years ago, I didn’t realize what a cramp was. I thought […]