Fremont Brewery

Today was our last full day in Seattle, and we had to pass a car seat on to friends, so while the rest of my family went to the Theo chocolate factory for a tour, I went to the Fremont Brewery to rendezvous.

The Brewery is an industrial grey shed near the Troll Bridge; outside there is a beer garden, a patch of cement, its perimeter defined by empty beer barrels. Inside the Brewery it’s more welcoming. There are glossy polished tables to sit at, and even a box of children’s toys. That was a godsend, because La Serpiente was too young to go on the chocolate factory tour, so I’d taken her to the brewery. (Does that put me in the running for Best/Worst Father Of The Year?) Having books to tear at, a plastic volcano to shout into and a model cement truck to gnaw on put her in hog heaven. This is a marked improvement on a few years ago, when they apparently just had a sign that said ‘BEER’ and, well, some beer.

At the same time, I’m not sure about the encroachment of children into everything. Cute though my daughter is, I’m sure some people dislike distraction from the serious work of getting drunk. Certainly in the UK, it would be hard to have a toddler wandering around a brewery.

I was also a bit nervous as I was the first to arrive at the brewery, and that always leaves me worried that I’ve gone to the wrong place. I had a pint of stout before the others turned up, and then had to deal with an eruption from my daughter. A pint of beer does not improve the process of changing a baby. Perhaps my mistake was to not drink enough to block out the dark horror of what she produced.

They serve food at the brewery, if you consider beer a food. They also have free pretzels, but that really wasn’t enough, so once we were all in one place, and after I’d dispatched the Beckenham chapter of the Foremanfamily to the airport, the rest of us decamped to a Turkish restaurant down the street, where I had four kinds of hummus. I learned today that yam hummus is disgusting.

This evening, still pretty drunk from four or five strong beers, I went to Serious Pie to get pizza. There was a 45 minute wait even for take away, so I went for a long walk with my child on my back, partly to occupy her and partly to get close to my Fitbit target for the day. And to sober up a bit.

I think I’ve set my target a bit too high. It’s a struggle to get to 15,000 steps per day, and this is while I’m on holiday, walking around. When I return to my sedentary life at the office, it will be much harder, although I suppose I won’t be eating doughnuts and caramel doused brioche for breakfast, so perhaps things even out a bit. I still have 600 more steps to do before bed tonight – what a life this is.

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