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  • Swimming Lesson #38

    I had a very early start today, or a late finish, or both: worried that I’d sleep through my alarm, I couldn’t get to sleep until 12:30, and then I woke up at 5:15 which was before my alarm went off. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough I got to the airport by 6,which meant I […]

  • Swimming Lesson #32

    Things went much better than expected. The last time I swam was almost two weeks ago. Since then I’ve had a kidney stone, been to the hospital three times, stayed up too late last night and then got up at six this morning to put myself through a tough set of bodyweight exercises. On the […]

  • Swimming Lesson #22

    Swimming Lesson #22

    I had a different coach this week, and we concentrated on breaststroke. It’s good to change things around occasionally; you get to emphasise different things and possibly have the same thing explained in a slightly different way so you finally understand it.

  • Swimming Lesson #8

    Today, breaststroke again. I think this is a vote of confidence in my freestyle, or an admission that while it’s scrappy, there’s more benefit to be had from.improving other strokes right now. Today we started with kicking, which I got immediately, and then it turned out that was lucky coincidence and we spent half an […]

  • Swimming Lesson #7

    The skies turned the colour of a dead trout and lightning began to arc at 5 this evening, and the deluge hasn’t stopped by 530 when I tried to get a car to my swimming lesson. The rain hadn’t stopped by 6 when I finally managed to get in a car, and the rain hadn’t […]

  • Swimming Lesson #5

    While I was in Portugal I swam ten lengths of the pool almost every day. Because I hadn’t figured out breathing before I went on holiday, that meant holding my breath the whole way, coming up for air and wheezing, then going back again. So today it was good that we moved on to combining […]

  • Swimming Lesson #4

    Although with every photo I look more sketchy, I think I’m improving. My instructor asked me if I’d been practicing this week and that explained my increased competence, but I think it was the dual function of not having four cups of coffee before my lesson, and making a sustained effort not to tense up. […]

  • Swimming Lesson #3

    I didn’t have a brilliant night’s sleep – possibly I was frightened about oversleeping and missing my flight back. I had worried myself unduly by not paying attention to timezones; although the return flight took off at 8:40am Singapore time, that was 9:40 Bangkok time, so I only needed to get to the airport by […]

  • Swimming Lesson #1

    I learned to swim ten or fifteen times during my childhood – and forgot how to swim that many times as well. Looking back, I realise that trying to persuade a delicate child that it was enjoyable to bob around in an overchlorinated, chilly pool of preadolescent piss was quite obviously a non-starter. A bit […]

  • What I Learned This Weekend

    When recovering from a night of heavy drinking, I breathe too loudly. Apparently.a night of heavy drinking I can run all the way from my home to the start of the Parkrun, and still run 5k in less than 25 minutes. I think this means I should be able to tackle another marathon sooner rather […]