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  • Another trip to Bangkok

    After work today I took a car over to the airport and caught a flight to Bangkok. The corporate travel agent had messed up, as they are wont to do so, and failed to spec a vegetarian meal for me, but I had almost two hours to kill so I did a long, slow lap […]

  • A wet start

    This morning, after having a reasonable amount of sleep, I got my bike out of our bomb shelter and prepared to ride it to work. Outside the sky was darkening and the wind was whistling, but I only needed 15 minutes to get to the office. Except the tyres were flat after my bike being […]

  • Back on the bike again

    I had a phone call with the US at 9 this morning, and so after I finished the call on the way back from school, I got on my bike and rode to the office. Well, I got my bike out, went down to the ground floor in the lift, then realised I’d left my […]

  • Here’s what you could have won

    La Serpiente seems to ignore about half the things I say at the moment. Sometimes this means I have to say the same thing several times to elicit a response, and honestly, when I’ve had a poor night’s sleep, wracked by bad dreams and the child crawling into bed to fidget next to us, I […]

  • Ohnobike

    An app-based bicycle rental company has launched in Singapore. (Savour that sentence for a moment, a series of words that would have made little sense a decade ago.) It’s called obike and they’ve put white and yellow bicycles all over the island. You sign up to their app on your phone, then scan the QR […]

  • For crying out loud

    Tonight I ran home from work. When I do this, I leave my work clothes and computer behind, so I’m steadily accumulating a mound of dirty laundry and shoes at the office. I carry my iPhone and my access cards (as I need them to get out of the office as well as in) and […]

  • Gus The Dinosaur Bus

    I hope it isn’t going to be an annual event, but today La Serpiente fell over on her face, and has a big bump under her eye. The kind of wound where I worry about taking her to school tomorrow and people thinking I’m the Bad Dad With Anger Issues. It’s not quite a year […]

  • Discombobulated

    I’m feeling a little bit wonky today. After getting home late from depressing tapas last night, I was up until after midnight, and then at 5:30 I had to get out of bed to take a call with Tokyo. So as well as working what feel like Singapore hours from London (as well as London […]

  • Phoning it in

    Last night I had a conference call that ran on until midnight, so I was sluggish this morning. Late to bed and late to rise doesn’t really make a man healthy and wealthy and wise, it makes him confused and easily distracted by the world around him. At least this could be seen as a […]

  • Not very good Samaritan

    I didn’t sleep very well this morning, waking at 5 and unable to doze off again. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since last week: ones where you pass out drunk or wake up hungover don’t count. Trying to exhaust myself so that I’d sleep tonight, I trotted out for a run at 6:22. […]