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  • Second third birthday

    It was Destroyer’s third birthday today, which we celebrated in slightly lower key style than the party last weekend; Destroyer opened some presents and then played outside in the sun, while we abandoned her to the care of grandparents and went to the market to buy vegetables and alcohol. She still got a cake, but […]

  • Another day in Kuala Lumpur

    The kids slept in until after 8; La Serpiente made an abortive attempt to wake everyone up an hour before that, but was herself so tired that she fell back to sleep. We got up and went straight to the roof to swim; I managed one lap of freestyle and was then wiped out, and […]

  • Coco


    We watched Up in the cinema and the opening sequence made us cry; with Coco, another Pixar film, it took until the finale for there to be tears rolling down my face, but chalk up another success for the Emeryville company. (Cars 3, on the other hand, was just a bit shit and never made […]

  • For crying out loud

    Tonight I ran home from work. When I do this, I leave my work clothes and computer behind, so I’m steadily accumulating a mound of dirty laundry and shoes at the office. I carry my iPhone and my access cards (as I need them to get out of the office as well as in) and […]

  • Tearing up at laundry

    I woke up early and got to see my wife and child on Skype, twelve hours away in Montreal. Then they went out to dinner and I went back to sleep. I had various chores to do today; fixing the door to the rubbish chute, tidying the house and putting away all the clothes that […]

  • Sleep deprivation for kids

    Like idiots, we agreed to take our daughter out to dinner with friends this evening, starting at exactly the time when she’d normally be going to bed. A meltdown loomed…