Tearing up at laundry

I woke up early and got to see my wife and child on Skype, twelve hours away in Montreal. Then they went out to dinner and I went back to sleep.

I had various chores to do today; fixing the door to the rubbish chute, tidying the house and putting away all the clothes that I’d laundered when I got home on Tuesday. About eleven I folded up all my daughter’s dresses and went to put them into her chest of drawers. Something snapped within me.

For the next ten minutes or so I couldn’t stop emitting a horrible groaning noise, wheezing as the tears rolled down my face. Rolling up a series of tiny dresses and putting them away somehow drove home to me again how far away she was, and how long it will be before I’ll see them both again.

Eventually, I wiped my eyes and stopped howling, but for the rest of the day I’ve been too scared to put away the rest of my daughter’s clothes, for fear of provoking another crying jag. The rest of today has been filled with watching tv series, and eating salty snacks. (The threatened potato crisp binge has been delayed because there aren’t any in the house, so I’ve been subsisting on peanuts and cashews.) I am worried that another emotional outburst will be triggered when I attempt to fold all the bath towels, so in a worst case scenario my wife will get back in September and find mounds of unfiled laundry that will have accumulated by then.

Now though, after a whole day recovering from three hours of bowling, it’s time to get outside again, and try to reintegrate with the world once more.

And then come home and weep over some reusable nappies, I guess.

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  1. I hadn’t even read this post when I commented yesterday.

    I’m guessing that next summer you are going to be aiming for a different arrangement?

    Long time until September 🙁

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