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  • The Philosopher And The Wolf

    This week I read Mark Rowlands’ The Philosopher And The Wolf, a paperback my father gave me on his most recent visit to Singapore. I was surprised to see when I finished it that it’s 10 years old, but then I never read any philosophy before that was exactly contemporary.

  • Coco


    We watched Up in the cinema and the opening sequence made us cry; with Coco, another Pixar film, it took until the finale for there to be tears rolling down my face, but chalk up another success for the Emeryville company. (Cars 3, on the other hand, was just a bit shit and never made […]

  • Shots and death

    Today we took Young Cheddar to get her MMRV vaccinations done, at a medical centre atop a drugstore in New Minas. (New Minas is a town in Nova Scotia named after Minas Tirith, because I assume all Canadians are massive Tolkein fans, and what better way to pay tribute to The Lord Of The Rings […]

  • Nobody knew that something terrible was going to happen – Pompeii

    Tonight La Serpiente was adamant that I read her Pompeii, a chapter book for small children that is inexplicably one of her favourites. She first started reading it around the time that her sister was born, and it’s remained in her top ten ever since, even against the onslaught of glamourous alternatives from the library.