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  • A hard day at the Chaos Cup

    I woke a little hungover this morning from a couple of glasses of wine, and went off to play in the Chaos Cup. The format is four games on the Saturday, followed by two more tomorrow. I started with a game against Dwarves. With my scantily armoured rats, Dwarves are one of the worst teams […]

  • Pride comes before a bowl

    After several days of me urging everyone, and because of a day so hot and humid that I was beyond the verge of collapse by 10 am, we finally went bowling this morning. I was hoping to repeat my fearsome display of monomaniacal perfection from Thursday, when I bowled four strikes and four spares in […]

  • Utter defeat

    I’m at a loss as to what happened tonight. La Serpienta Negra was quite angry again (another day where she willfully avoided napping and then found herself tired and emotional by evening time) but after a bath, a bottle of milk and one of the darkest chapters of Declare, she went to sleep. I put […]