Utter defeat

I’m at a loss as to what happened tonight. La Serpienta Negra was quite angry again (another day where she willfully avoided napping and then found herself tired and emotional by evening time) but after a bath, a bottle of milk and one of the darkest chapters of Declare, she went to sleep. I put on my best quasi-obscene t-shirt and went out to the Boomerang, ready for another crack at victory in the pub quiz league. It was not to be.

The first round was ten questions about Batman, and although I summoned "Pennyworth", Alfred The Butler’s surname, from some recess of my mind, we didn’t score well there. We got a full ten points on the second round, "words that start with the letter E" but most people did, so that didn’t help.

You get to choose one round where you double your points on every correct answer; we keep choosing badly, picking rounds full of difficult questions where we can’t get a full score, rather than leaving risky, marginal rounds like Countries Of The World to others and scooping up points on words that start with an E.

Still, after all this we didn’t collapse completely. Our self-elected team captain wanted to resign, crushed by the emotional rollercoaster of success one week, failure the next, but we told him he was now president-for-life, incapable of relinquishing his position.

To cheer him up, I let him name this entry, although in going to shroud his identity in mystery for a bit longer. The fame that comes with being written about on cushtie.com is a double-edged sword. Not a day passes that a man doesn’t approach me and point out how what I’ve written has touched him deeply.

Oh, hang on. That’s my reflection.

Afterwards, I fled home. My child still slumbered, my wife battled with online grocery ordering, and so I slumped in front of the television to watch motorcycle racing. If ever there’s a pub quiz question about what hardness of tyre Takaki Nakagami used in the opening round of the 2014 season in Qatar, I’ll kill it.

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  1. Do you think you should have a re- naming of La Serpienta, something a little more gentle and calming. It’s a fact not generally noted that just a few people come to resemble their nickname. Maybe then she will sleep peacefully at the appropriate time. Discuss !

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