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  • Daze without sugar

    I cut added sugar out of my diet yesterday, after stopping drinking coffee a week ago. It’s only been by cutting sugary food out completely that I’ve become aware of how much there is to eat at the office. There’s the inexhaustible supply of chocolate in the microkitchen. There’s the gorgeous little doughnuts served up […]

  • Awaiting takeoff

    I woke up this morning feeling rotten, and schlepped to the office for a meeting, before going back to the hotel to grab my bags and head to the airport. I resolved that I would eat as much as I possibly could before I boarded the plane; due to some screwup, I couldn’t request a […]

  • Going round in circles

    Today, while La Serpiente was going to see her first film in an actual cinema (the apparently very good Zootopia) I took Destroyer to get weighed and measured. (It was Vesak Day in Singapore on Saturday, which meant my employer gave me Monday off, although it’s not an ‘official’ official bank holiday Monday, so the […]

  • Playgrounds

    This morning I got up at seven thirty and went for a run. The hotel where we’re staying is ideally located: you walk out the door, down into a subway and come out at the entrance to the infield of the Happy Valley Racecourse. I did three laps and a bit to get myself up […]

  • No shirt, no service?

    This morning, I dreamed I was using ultrasound to destroy all my shirts, and this was really annoying my wife. She even seemed slightly annoyed after I’d woken up and told her this: that’s what you get for disturbing my sleep patterns with Skype, even if you were calling just two minutes before my alarm […]