Tag: DIY

  • Fencing and chairs

    This morning, still recovering from an evening of cheese and wine (and beer and gin and the world’s most interminable game of Settlers of Catan) I went round to our friends’ house to help dismantle the fence around their indoor pond. Explaining why their house had an indoor pond, or why the fence had to…

  • A purple patch

    After work today, I went to the paint shop in Chinatown to get some purple paint. But the shop was shut, so I went down to HarbourFront and bought a can of purple spray paint, a big plastic sheet and some sanding sponges.

  • A nice finish to Valentine’s

    It was Valentine’s Day today, so my wife and I celebrated by using a tin of Ronseal wood varnish to treat the Ikea stepstool that La Serpiente uses to get to the worktops in our kitchen. Could there be a more romantic way to finish the day?

  • Baby gates

    What better way to relieve the stress of jet lag than by installing a baby gate at the top of the stairs in your parents’ house? (For extra, ruinous fun my parents have very steep, narrow stairs with a very smooth carpet lain on them, perfect for spectacular slides and crashes). The instructions for the…

  • On manliness

    I’m a man. That means I do manly stuff, like drink beer, and watch violent films, and DIY. But since I’m not good at drinking beer in the humid environment of Singapore, my wife is just as keen on violent films as I am, and my DIY skills range from slipshod to utterly incompetent, I…