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  • Mislaid

    At a bit of a loss at what to do, I read an issue of the London Review of Books and a review of Nell Zink’s most recent books, Nicotine and Private Novelist, piqued my interest. Her first two books, Mislaid and The Wallcreeper, are on sale as a package on Amazon, so I downloaded […]

  • Death Grip

    Here are some stories. I am a sample of one. I am not a useful source of medical advice. You should not make decisions based on what I write. When I was 21, during the summer break after my first year at university, I fell while doing martial arts and broke a bone in my […]

  • The Dirtiest Race In History

    Last night I finished reading The Dirtiest Race In History, a book about the 1988 Seoul Olympics and Ben Johnson’s shortlived gold medal. A bit like a 100 metre sprinter, it starts powerfully and then loses momentum towards the end. But perhaps I ended up disliking it because it was described as “compelling” by the […]

  • The Program

    This evening I went to see The Program, because there’s no better way to avoid jet lag than to sit in a darkened room, eschewing all natural light. (Although to be fair, if you’re going to take part in a fundamentally unsociable activity, what better time to do it than when separated from your family […]

  • The drugs might work

    When I went to the doctor yesterday, I took the pills my wife had given me to take when the cold first kicked into gear. My doctor was very surprised when he saw the ingredients on the packet of PARAFLUZED, ($38 in any good Hong Kong pharmacy) and opined that it wasn’t the kind of […]

  • Pain in the back

    I’ve strained a muscle in my back and every time I move or breathe or think, I get a lancing pain, as though somebody is stabbing me under my shoulder blade. This is not much fun, as moving, breathing and thinking are some of my favorite pastimes.