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  • Drinking again

    I took the girls swimming this afternoon, which I havent done for ages. Destroyer was in the inside pool with me and La Serpiente in the outside pool, which meant Destroyer kept swimming over to the windows of the inside pool and asking what “Tissity” was up to. I was really impressed by Destroyer. She’ll […]

  • An endless day of surprises

    Again, I woke today to the sound of my children gambolled around our bedroom, and then studiously ignored them and slept some more. All the gin I necked last night formed some sort of insulation against the racket of girls squeaking at me. This could never go on forever, so by 9:30 I was accompanying […]

  • Jazz: delicious hot, disgusting cold

    It’s the Singapore International Jazz Festival this weekend, and although the tickets are extortionately expensive and I’ve never been that big a fan of some old geezer parping on a saxophone or playing all the wrong notes on a piano or some sho-wop-a-booby-bop whatever or shooting up heroin in grainy black and white photos, my […]

  • Separated by a golf of mysteriousness

    Tonight I was going to write about some of the books that we got from the library, beautiful stories about arrogant frogs made with cardboard cut-outs. But instead, I went to the driving range and hit balls with a golf stick, to celebrate one of our team moving back to America. Sorry, not a golf […]

  • Three pint special

    I forsook the company Christmas party in favour of a quiet night at home, figuring that with jet lag and my cold, somebody else would enjoy the party more than me, and I could get a good night’s rest instead. Which would have made sense if I then didn’t go out to the end-of-year Singapore […]

  • Taking

    Today I went to a meeting in Jakarta. That meant taking a taxi to the airport, taking a plane (that was half an hour late taking off), and then a taxi into town that took almost two hours to get me to my destination. Frankly, I felt like I’d been taken for a ride. Tomorrow, […]

  • A quick drink

    Tonight I went out for a few drinks. La Serpiente and Destroyer were screaming, but we had a babysitter and no guilt, so after an hour of La Serpiente mucking about, I hightailed it to Potatohead and drank a ridiculous gin-and -ginger beer cocktail, then drank beers and gin until almost midnight, when I had […]

  • Drunk in New York

    It is always a low point in your drinking career when you’re told by somebody half your age to go home because you’ve had too much. At least now I’m older (although not much wiser) that means I’m being sent packing by 19 year olds, rather than 10 year olds, but it’s still not good.

  • I has eated all the cake

    This evening we had another attempt at a birthday party. (I’m slightly disappointed that nobody went to the restaurant at 3:30 this morning, but you can’t have everything.)

  • Birthday surprise

    I didn’t sleep well last night: down at eleven, I woke back up at midnight and then couldn’t get back down until about four or five this morning. Today I felt hideous, but my wife had organised a surprise dinner for me. Unfortunately…